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Quick Reference: Global Properties

The following tables list common SenseTalk global properties that you can use with Eggplant Functional scripts.

Eggplant Functional Global Properties

The CaptureScreenImageFormatModifies the image file format used by the CaptureScreen command when capturing screenshots during a test run.
The CaptureScreenJPGCompressionQualityAdjusts the compression quality of JPG formatted screenshots captured by the CaptureScreen command.
The CaptureScreenScaleFactorScales images captured by the CaptureScreen command proportionally.
The CollectionFilterLimits image searches based on a specified string.
The CommandLineOutputDetermines whether log files are output when you run scripts from the command line.
The CurrentCharacterCollectionSets a default character collection for image searches that use the character property.
The DefaultCaptureScreenSizeSets the default screen size of the SUT at time of image capture for any images captured prior to Eggplant Functional 12.20.
The DefaultScaleSets the scale at which Eggplant Functional searches for an image, relative to its original capture size.
The DefaultUseMarkupDetermines whether supported text markups are used to format text images.
The FinalSuitesSets the suite or suites that are searched for image or script resources after the script's own suite is searched.
The ForceScreenRefreshDetermines whether Eggplant Functional refreshes the Viewer window after each command.
The HotSpotScalingSpecifies the behavior of the hot spot when image scaling is used.
The ImageUpdateDetermines the behavior of the Image Update panel during script execution.
The InitialSuitesSets the first suite or suites that are searched for image or script resources during script execution.
The MultipleFoundActionOverrides image update settings at runtime.
The OpenTestCasesAccesses information gathered up to that point by all open test cases.
The ReadTextSettingsProvides default settings used by the ReadText and ReadTable functions.
The RemoteClipboardHolds the contents of the SUT clipboard.
The RepositionPointSets the location where the mouse cursor is moved during searches.
The SaveRunLogOutputDetermines whether the run log output from the execution is saved.
The ScriptAnimationTurns script animation on or off.
The ScriptLoggingDetermines how much is written in the log file.
The ScriptTracingTurns script tracing on or off.
The SearchRectangleSets the area of the System Under Test (SUT) that is searched.
The SuiteVariablesSets suite-wide variables in Eggplant Functional that can be used in many contexts.
The TextStyleControls the default option settings for text searches.
The ValidateImageFoundDetermines the behavior of Image Update panel when ImageFound returns false.

Run-Option Global Properties

The ForceScreenRefreshWhether there is a screen refresh after every line
The ImageSearchCountNumber of times Eggplant Functional searches for an image in the Viewer window
The ImageSearchDelayTime between image searches
The ImageSearchTimeTime spent searching for an image
The KeyDownDelayTime between key press and release
The MouseClickDelayTime between mouse-button press and release
The MouseDoubleClickDelayTime between clicks of a double-click
The MouseDragSpeedDetermines how fast the SUT's mouse is moved during a drag command.
The MouseMoveDelayTime between increments of mouse movement
The MouseMoveModeMouse path to the next given location
The MouseMoveSpeedSpace the mouse moves in each increment between locations
The NextKeyDelayTime between keystrokes
The PreciseImageToleranceMaximum color difference allowed by precise image searches
The RemoteWorkIntervalMinimum time between executed commands in the SUT
The SendShiftForCapsWhether or not Shift is held down for capital letters on the SUT
The ShouldRepositionMouseWhether the mouse is repositioned during searches
The StandardImageToleranceMaximum color difference allowed by tolerant image searches
The SwipeSpeedThe speed at which swipe events occur, expressed in number of pixels Eggplant Functional drags the SUT’s mouse in each step
The WebElementDisplayWhether WebElement objects display in long or short format

Assert Command Global Properties

The AssertionBehaviorThe default behavior for assert commands. Options are Exception, Error, Warning, or Pause. Defaults to Exception.
The AssertionsEnabledSpecifies if Eggplant Functional runs assert commands. Defaults to True. If set to False, Eggplant Functional ignores assert commands.
The AssertionPassCount and related countersGlobal counters that increment each time an assert command runs. The counters are assertionFailCount, assertionErrorCount, assertionWarningCount, and assertionExceptionCount. Each failure increments both the assertionFailCount and also one of the assertionErrorCount, assertionWarningCount, or assertionExceptionCount counters.

For information about using the Assert command, see Assert Command.

Deprecated Global Properties

The CurrentTextPlatformSets the current text platform.
The DefaultTextStyleSets the default text style of the current text platform.
The ImageDoctorDetermines how the Image Doctor works during script execution. Instead, use the ImageUpdate Global Property.
The TextPlatformsContains properties for all text platforms.