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GUI Automation Commands and Functions

In addition to its basic commands and functions, SenseTalk provides capabilities for interacting with systems under test (SUTs), which is particularly useful in Eggplant Functional scripting. For instance, you can provide mouse or keyboard commands, search for images, or control connected mobile devices.

Provided here are brief descriptions and links to more information about SenseTalk commands and functions you need to get started with GUI automation. For more information about SenseTalk, see the SenseTalk Reference.


You can display SenseTalk commands and functions, and even drag-and-drop code, within the Eggplant Functional GUI by using the SenseTalk Browser. For information about how to use this feature, see The SenseTalk Browser.

SenseTalk GUI Automation Commands and Functions

User Interaction: Use these commands and functions to prompt for user input during runtime.

Mouse Events and Control: These commands and functions control the SUT's mouse in the Eggplant Functional Viewer window.

Keyboard and Clipboard Events: These commands and functions interact with the SUT's keyboard and clipboard.

Text Encryption: These commands and functions encrypt sensitive text, like passwords, for use in scripts.

OCR Text-Reading Functions: This page describes the SenseTalk commands and functions that work with text recognition through OCR.

Image and OCR Searches: These commands and functions search for images or text (OCR) in the Eggplant Functional Viewer window, without performing any actions on the SUT.

Image File and Suite Information: These functions return various properties associated with images and the Eggplant Functional suite.

Found-Image and Found-OCR Information Functions: These functions return additional information about the last image or text (OCR) search that was found in the Viewer window.


Found-Image functions can be helpful with any variants of commands and other functions, when you do not necessarily know which image was found.

Eggplant Functionall Interface and Run Options Control: These commands and functions let you modify script run options and control the Eggplant Functional GUI.

Script Calling: Use these commands to call other scripts from within scripts.

SUT Information and Control: These commands and functions let you use SenseTalk scripts to connect to your SUTs from Eggplant Functional as well as gather information about connections and other SUT information.


For information about the commands to use when you run scripts or launch Eggplant Functional from the command line, see Running from the Command Line, Eggplant Command Line Options, and Runscript Command Line Options.

Results and Reporting: These commands and functions customize the results created by scripts.

Mobile SUT Information: Use these commands and functions to gather information about your Eggplant Functional mobile SUTs.

Mobile Control and Touch Events: These commands and functions let you perform actions against your mobile device SUTs.