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Commands for Secure Values

VaultValues in Eggplant Functional are strings that get stored in a secure location, referred to as a vault. The location is specific to your operating system—for macOS, it's the Keychain; for Windows, it's the Credential Manager; for Linux, it's the Secret Service.

New Feature

VaultValues are new in Eggplant Functional 21.2.

The commands on this page are used to store information securely in a vault. The VaultID is a user-defined string. describing the vault. These commands can be used with the TypeHiddenText command to protect connection information like passwords.

Delete VaultValue Command

Behavior: Deletes a VaultValue from a vault.

Parameters: A VaultID.


DeleteVaultValue "myVaultID"


DeleteVaultValue vaultID:"myVaultID"

Get VaultValue Command

Behavior: Returns a VaultValue from a vault.

Parameters: A VaultID.


set mySecret to GetVaultValue("myVaultID")


set mySecret to GetVaultValue(vaultID:"myVaultID")

Set VaultValue Command

Behavior: Stores a VaultVaule in the specified vault.

Parameters: A vaultID and a value.


SetVaultValue "myVaultID", "myValue"


SetVaultValue vaultID:"myVaultID", value:"myValue"