Using the Model Hub

The Model Hub is where you manage models within Eggplant DAI. It's also the main repository for all your models. You can select an existing model here or create a new model via one of two ways: via Modeler or via Designer.

Creating a Model

Use the Model Hub tab to create models from the Modeler UI.

To build a model in Modeler, follow these steps:

  1. Click Designer on the left side of the Eggplant DAI screen. The Modeler tab opens.
  2. Click the Create new+ button on the top left. The Modeler UI (previously called Eggplant AI UI) is displayed.
  3. Create as many new models as you want in the same way you did in Eggplant AI. The newly created models appear in Models tab.
  4. Switch to the Designer view by clicking the Dashboard button on the toolbar. The Model Hub displays the newly created model in a tile format along with the associated group name.
  5. Click to view the model


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