GET One Job Template

Job templates contain the configuration for how a job should run: which URLs to test, in which browser, and, in the case of a crawl, how long it should run for.

When querying for job templates, parameters that are common to all job types will be returned within the main object. Parameters that are specific to certain types of jobs will be included in the meta section. For consistency across job types, browsers and URLs will always be in the common section and will be returned as arrays, even through some job types only permit one of these.


The sref is typically found by searching for job templates using other requests (i.e., requesting all job templates). This is the recommended approach to ensure you are referencing the correct job template.

You can also mouse over the edit template icon on the Eggplant Web Performance Analyzer job templates page. The address for the icon shown in the bottom left of your browser will include the id of the job template.

You can combine the ID of the job template with the path of the API endpoint to construct the sref for the individual job template, for example, /jobTemplates/12345.

Method GET
Path /jobTemplates/id

Realm: account_realm

Authorization: Bearer access_token


The response for this request is a single job template object.


"results": {

"sref": "jobTemplates/123456",

"type": "Single",

"name": "My single job template",

"description": "",

"urls": [



"browsers": [





"createdBy": "Joe Bloggs",

"capture": true,

"advanced": {

"inactivityTimeout": 0


"meta": {},

"deviceProfile": null,

"networkSpeed": {

"networkSpeedUri": "networkSpeeds/1",

"meta": {

"downloadKbps": 2010,

"uploadKbps": 190,

"latency": 0,

"packetLossRate": 0




Job Template Parameters

Parameter Details
sref The self-reference path that describes how you request the individual job template

The type of job: Single, Multi, Crawl, or Scripted

name The name of the job template
description The description of the job template
urls An array of URLs for the job template
browsers An array of browsers that jobs of this job template will run in (as can be discovered using the /browsers request)
createdBy The name of the person who created or last edited the job template
capture Whether or not screen capture has been enabled for the job template
advanced Any advanced parameters for the job template, such as the inactivity timeout
meta Anything configured for the job template that is not standard for all types of job template. Typically, this contains additional details about a crawl.
deviceProfile Defines the device profile that jobs of this job template will run in, or null if no device profile has been set (these can be discovered using the /deviceProfiles request)
networkSpeed Defines the network speed that jobs of this job template will run in (as can be discovered using the /networkSpeeds request), where meta includes individual elements of the network speed


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