Eggplant Manager Result Status Types

As tests are executing, they can be seen either on the test's page under Runs, or on the Eggplant Manager Dashboard. The table below shows a list of statuses you might see.

Error Message

Error Code

Aborted 599 The test run was aborted by a user.
Agent Execution Error 511 The agent attempting to execute a server request raised a system exception.
Exceeded ePF Licenses 501 Not enough Eggplant Functional licenses were available to run this test.
Exceeded ePM Licenses 508 Not enough Eggplant Manager licenses were available to run this test.
Execution Failure   There are a few possibilities with this error message.
  500 The test did not run. This could be either because Eggplant Functional was not found on the agent, or because there was a problem with the script arguments or parameters.
  509 Eggplant Functional executed with a crash status.
  507 There was a generic execution failure.
Incomplete 597 The system aborted the test because it was still running when Eggplant Manager was stopped or started.
No Agent Available 513 No agents are available for execution.
No Configuration SUTs Available 517 No SUTs in the selected configuration were available.

No Scripts Configured

503 The test had no active scripts configured.
Preparing 100 The test is being prepared to run.
Processing 102 Test run has completed and the results are being processed.
Resource Allocation Error 506 The system encountered an error while allocating resources for the test run.
Running 101 The test is actively running (on agents). A progress bar shows in the status column while a test runs, showing the percent complete, based on the average duration of the test run over time. Because of the way this percent is calculated, the progress bar doesn't show percentage information during the first test run, and it gets more accurate over time.
Script Error 400 Errors were found within one of the test run's scripts.
Set Agent Unavailable 512 The set agent for execution is currently unavailable.
Success 200 The test run has completed with a successful result status. If any of the test run's scripts completed with a non-success status, the test run is not considered a success.
Success (with warnings) 300 The test run has completed with a non-success status. This test run is not considered a success.
SUT Allocation Error 510 A system under test (SUT) or SUT group was set, but the SUT or SUT group does not match any usable SUT(s).
SUT Launcher Timed Out 514 The SUT launcher exceeded the set timeout while attempting to launch the SUT.
SUT Reserved 515 The SUT was reserved by another user.
Timed Out 598 The test run was aborted because it ran longer than its timeout duration. For information about the timeout duration, see Creating Tests in Eggplant Manager.
Transfer Error 504 Results files from the agent were not written or not present during the results processing.
Unstable   No errors, but the script logs contained warnings.
Validation Failed 502 Test resources were not available to the server.


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