Eggplant Network LCD Panel User Guide

The Eggplant Network appliance offers two complementary network and application performance capabilities:

  • Network Emulation (virtualization)
  • Network Profiling

Eggplant Network runs either in Emulator mode or Profiler mode. You can switch between modes as your testing requirements mandate.

You typically access Eggplant Network through a web GUI, where Emulation and Profiling modes have different interfaces to suit their specific tasks.

In addition to the web GUI, the Eggplant Network appliance has an LCD panel on the front of the unit providing options for interface configuration (Network Settings), collecting diagnostic data and License/Version information (Support), basic appliance management functions (Shutdown and Reboot) and some mode-specific functions for the Emulator and Profiler.

As with the web GUIs, the panel menus differ slightly depending on whether Eggplant Network is running in Emulator or Profiler mode. The LCD panel is also the method used to switch between Emulator or Profiler mode.

Note: Emulator and Profiler modes are licensed separately; that is, the ability to run either or both modes is controlled by different license keys. If you select a mode that is unlicensed, it loads the license key request page but won’t progress beyond this point until you enter a valid license key.

LCD Panel Buttons

The LCD is a twenty (20) characters by two (2) line display with nine (9) active buttons (buttons F2, F3, F4 and F5 are NOT used on the Eggplant Network appliance):

Eggplant Network front panel with buttons labeled

Label Button Symbol Button Function
1 F1 Go to the main menu from anywhere
2 5 Go up through the menus
3 6 Go down through the menus
4 OK Select this menu, or perform this operation
5 3 Go back to previous level (normally), or go back one field (when updating a value)
6 4 Go forward one field (when updating a value)
7 + Increase numeric value (e.g., IP address)
8 - Decrease numeric value

Power on and boot up, or shut down

LCD Panel Menus

The LCD Panel menus differ depending on whether the Eggplant Network Appliance is running in Emulator or Profiler mode. However, many menu options are the same on each mode so these options are covered only once. The specific menu options are covered in detail in the following pages:


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