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epgw release 3.19

We're happy to announce Eggplant Gateway 3.19.

General epgw improvements

  • With this release we do support 'epgw runscript' on MacOS.
  • There is now a better erro message when there is already another process listening on the same VNC port.

Eggplant Gateway for Android

  • This epgw version adds support for PayDroid on versions where ADB file stat would fail. We specifically tests epgw on version PayDroid_10.0.0_Eucalyptus_V20.1.06_20221117.
  • This version also includes a fix for pressing Caps Lock.

Eggplant Gateway for iOS

This epgw version has following improvents:

  • Support versions of usbmuxd which store pairing records without -.
  • Better error message when invalid image or signature files for Developer Disks are used.
  • Sending epgw telemetry data on Windows and MacOS

Eggplant Gateway for Sauce Labs

The epgw versions adds support for Sauce Labs tunnel argument when configuring a Sauce Labs emulator.