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Citrix Virtual Desktop Overview


Support for Citrix Virtual Desktops is available on Windows only.

How the Eggplant Gateway for Citrix Virtual Desktops connects to the Citrix environment

The Eggplant Gateway for Citrix Virtual Desktops supports connecting to Virtual Desktops running in Citix VDI environments.

The gateway launches a Citrix Virtual Desktop by first connecting to the Citrix StoreFront API. The Citrix StoreFront API is used to identify the Citrix Virtual Desktop you want to launch, and download an .ica file which can be used to launch the Citrix Virtual Desktop.

As a next step, the .ica file is launched and the connection to the Citrix Virtual Desktop is established.

participant Eggplant Gateway
participant Citrix Storefront
participant Citrix VDI
Eggplant Gateway->>Citrix Storefront: Launch VDI application
Citrix Storefront->>Eggplant Gateway: Send .ica file
Eggplant Gateway->>Citrix VDI: Start VDI session

Client-side requirements

For the Eggplant Gateway to succesfully connect to a Citrix environment, the Citrix client needs to be configured as follows:

  • The Citrix Workspace (or Citrix Receiver) application needs to be installed.
  • Live monitoring needs to be enabled.
  • The simulation API needs to be enabled, so that the Eggplant Gateway can inject touch events.
  • The Citrix client must use GDI+ (software) rendering rather than GPU (hardware accellerated) rendering, so that the Eggplant Gateway can capture the Citrix framebuffer.

Server-side requirements

On the Citrix server side:

  • The Citrix Storefront application needs to be deployed and accessible using a browser from the machine running Eggplant Functional.
  • The user needs to be able to connect to a Citrix environment using forms credentials (a username and password)