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epgw release 3.4

We're happy to announce Eggplant Gateway 3.4.

Eggplant Gateway for Android

With this release the Eggplant Gateway for Android WebDriver implementation has now full parity with Android Gateway 6. This release adds the following WebDriver features:

  • Launch a WebDriver session using appPackage and appActivity desired capability. This will launch the specified application and setup the WebDriver connection. e.g. WebConnect host:"localhost", port:"5000", platformName:"android", name:"wdTeststartApp", appPackage: "com.swaglabsmobileapp", appActivity: "com.swaglabsmobileapp.SplashActivity"
  • Support for all selectors like webClassName, webID, webXPath, ...
  • Support the TouchAction commands e.g.: touchAction [ {longPress: {x: 500, y: 500}}, {moveTo: {x: 500, y: 250}} ]
  • Support for double click gesture on a web element.
  • Support for SendKeys and ClearKeys.

This release also adds support for adb push, pull and install commands using AdbCallRemote

Eggplant Gateway for iOS

On iOS there are various stability improvements.

  • Possiblity to set a flag which resets the springboard when lauching an iOS connection. This avoids instabilities in the iOS springboard which can build up after many iterations.
  • Allow for a 90 seconds timeout which can happen if the springboard would be frozen.