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We're happy to announce Eggplant Gateway 3.5.

Eggplant Gateway for iOS

This version adds support for the following iOS VNC extensions:

  • LaunchApp, KillApp and UninstallApp by bundleId or appName.
  • Power and Volume buttons.
  • support for SetDeviceOrientation, Rotateleft, RotateRight and typetext rotatemobile

Eggplant Gateway for iOS WebDriver has reached feature parity with the classic iOS Gateway.

General gateway improvements

  • the VNC and WebDriver port values are now propery reflected when calling SutInfo() in EPF
  • --serial and --udid options for the epgw vnc command have now the same behaviour. When only one device is attached you can either ommit the serial/udid or set the serial/udid to an empty string.