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epgw release 3.6

We're happy to announce Eggplant Gateway 3.6.

Eggplant Gateway for Android

On Android we fixed various stability issues and memory leak.

Eggplant Gateway for iOS

  • Support for devices with iOS version 13.x/.
  • Support for EPF sense talk PinchIn and PinchOut commands.
  • Support for EPF sense talk SetRemoteClipboard command.
  • Support to type Unicode text.

Eggplant Gateway for Citrix

This version adds support for the following Citrix feature:

  • Enabled support for EPF sense talk command SetRemoteClipboard and RemoteClipboard() to set and get Citrix SUT clipboard text content.

    • Users can perform scripting for setting text to Citrix SUT clipboard by using remote clipboard command from Eggplant Functional
    • This feature are enabled in Eggplant Function 22.5 and above.
  • Enabled support for Citrix Gateway with SAML authentication enabled through Active Directory Federation Services.

    Eggplant Gateway for Sauce Labs

  • The platform name is made case insensitive.

  • An “about:blank” page is launched when no or empty URL is provided.