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epgw release 4.7

We're happy to announce Eggplant Gateway 4.7 (27 March 2024).

Eggplant Gateway for Android

  • Fixed an issue where installing an app with a space in the file name would fail.

Eggplant Gateway for iOS

  • Fixed an issue which prevented to connect with multiple VNC clients to one iOS connection.

Eggplant Gateway for Single System

  • In this version we added validation for the required Windows 64 bit requirement.
  • Added --domain option to support a domain configured windows machine.
    • e.g. epgw add single-system --name "connection_name" --username "username" --password "password" --domain "domain".
  • Enhanced single-system Setup to handle the required permissions for single-system connections.

The Single System is only supported on Windows and requires the 64 bit epgw build.