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iOS Mobile Device Connection Options

Eggplant Functional supports testing iOS mobile devices as systems under test (SUTs) with the iOS option of its Mobile Device connection type. Using this option, you can test iOS physical devices connected directly to the machine running Eggplant Functional.

You can create an iOS mobile device connection using either of two methods:

  • Adding a connection in the Eggplant Functional Connection List
  • Using the connect command in a SenseTalk script

Creating an iOS connection requires the following Apple information:

  • Developer Certificate and password
  • Provisioning profile
  • Developer Disk

These instructions assume that as an iOS Developer/Tester you have an Apple Developer Account and you are familiar with the concepts of a Provisioning Profile and a Developer Certificate.

The way you provide this information varies depending on whether you are running Eggplant Functional on Mac or Windows, see iOS Mobile Device Connection Options on Mac or iOS Mobile Device Connection Options on Windows as appropriate for your installation.