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Change the Pause Factor During Test Runs

At times in Eggplant Performance, you might find it useful to adjust the performance of virtual users (VUs) in a test while the test is running. For example, if you find the current test is progressing too fast or too slow, you might choose to adjust the pause settings of running VUs.

For information about setting pauses before running your tests, see Pauses in Configuring Runtime Settings.

To change the pause factor of VUs in a running test, click the Set pause factor button on the Test Controller toolbar to open the Set pause factor dialog box:

Set Pause Factor dialog window in Eggplant Performance Test Controller

You have two options in the dialog box:

  • Set the same pause factor for all the Virtual Users: Adjust the percentage in the box up or down.
  • Set the pause factor for each group: If you choose this option, you can enter a different number for each group in the Pause Factor column.

If you adjust the number up (i.e., more than 100%), the test runs slower because VUs pause longer and therefore iterations take more time. If you adjust the number down (i.e., less than 100%), the test runs quicker.

When you've selected the appropriate options, click OK. Running VUs have their pause factor adjusted based on the options you've selected.