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Viewing Citrix Sessions in Real Time

Each Eggplant Performance Citrix virtual user (VU) has its own viewer that is available during test playback. The viewer can be displayed after the VU has successfully connected to the Citrix MetaFrame.

To launch the Citrix viewer, select one of the group nodes in the Eggplant Performance Test Controller Explorer tree. All VUs in the group will be listed in the Virtual Users table. Right click on one of the VU rows and select Open Citrix Viewer... from the drop down list. The Citrix Viewers will be launched as and when each VU connects to the Metaframe server.

The screenshot below shows a Citrix Viewer for VU with ID 1 in the Group G01. The application published on the Citrix Metaframe Server is Microsoft PowerPoint.


The injector must not be running as a service to successfully launch the Citrix viewer. If the injector process was started by Eggplant Performance Test Controller or independently from the command line then the VU Citrix viewers should launch without problem.