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Return a list of the items in a windows combo box AutomationControl.

IList<string> GetComboBoxItems();



Return Value

A list of items in the combo box.


AutomationControl notepadWindow = FindTopAutomationWindow("Untitled - Notepad"); //this will find top window with the indicated caption
notepadWindow.ActivateMenuItem("File", "Page Setup..."); //activates menu item with indicated ClassName and Text
AutomationControl setupDialog = notepadWindow.FindControl("Page Setup", "#32770"); //this will find "Page Setup" control dialog
IList<AutomationControl> comboBoxes = setupDialog.FindControls(null, "ComboBox");//this will find all ComboBoxes controls and will hold them in array list
IList<string> comboBoxItems = comboBoxes[0].GetComboBoxItems(); //this will hold all items from the first comboBox in the setupDialog

foreach(string item in comboBoxItems)
WriteMessage("item=" + item); //prints out all comboBox items to VU Event Log

comboBoxes[0].SelectComboBoxItem("A4"); // select the combo box item A4