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Proxy Recorder Settings

The Proxy Recorder Settings window appears when you click Proxy Recorder Settings from the Choose a web client application page of the Create a New Recording wizard.

Proxy recorder settings window

Current Settings

By default, the Port that the Eggplant Proxy Recorder listens on is port 9090. This value can be changed if another service is already listening on this port.

The Address of the Eggplant Proxy Recorder is set to localhost ( and cannot be changed.


If you are using a browser or application that does not use the Windows System Proxy, you need to configure the application to use this address and port before you start recording.


If, as part of the recording, you are required to connect to another proxy server or a web server that requires authentication, the Eggplant Proxy Recorder supplies the authentication credentials automatically.

Enter the User name, Domain, and Password if required.


The credentials entered here also appear in the Generate Script from Recording wizard. You can see this information in the Generate Script from Recording wizard by clicking the Authentication tab of the Advanced Web Script Generation Options page. See Authentication Tab for more information.

Certificate Installation

Client certificates are used by the server to authenticate the client/user. If the application you are recording uses a client certificate, then the Eggplant Proxy Recorder will need access to the client certificate in order to record your actions.

Enter the path to the .cer or .cert file in the Path to client certificate box, or click Browse and navigate to the file location.