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SSL connections


HTTPS is a secure form of HTTP using Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) or Transport Layer Security (TLS).

URLs that use the HTTPS protocol will use SSL/TLS, by default using TCP/IP port 443.

Eggplant Performance supports SSL/TLS record and playback on Windows-based clients and injectors using either the OpenSSL library or Microsoft's WinInet library. On Unix-based injectors, only OpenSSL is available.

By default, the OpenSSL library is automatically used for HTTPS connections. The OpenSSL library allows bandwidth throttling, the use of specific local IP addresses, and selectable connection timeouts. These features are not available using Microsoft WinInet. The advantage of WinInet is that the creation of new SSL/TLS connections takes fewer memory accesses and hence less CPU overhead. If you are rapidly ramping up a large number of HTTPS connections, you might find that WinInet has less system overhead during the creation of a new connection.

If you want to force the use of a Microsoft WinInet library, you can select the Use Microsoft WinInet checkbox on the Run Settings > Web: Options tab.