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Eggplant Functional Account Preferences

The settings on the Account tab are for configuring the default mail server Eggplant Functional uses for the sendmail command and for configuring source control management (SCM).

The Eggplant Functional Account Preferences panel

Mail Server for SendMail Command

SMTP Server: In the SMTP Server field, enter the hostname or IP address of the server you use for sending email.

Transport and Port: The Transport drop-down list lets you choose between Unencrypted, SSL, and TLS as the encryption method for transport. In the Port field, enter the port used to connect to the mail server, or leave the field blank to use the default value of 25, the standard mail port.

Authentication: From the Authentication drop-down list, choose None, Automatic, Plain, Login, CRAM-MD5, or NTLM as appropriate for your mail server.

Username and Password: In these fields, enter the username and password of the account you use for authentication. If None is chosen in the Authentication drop-down list, these fields are not available.

Git Account

Committer Name: Your name. This name is recorded in Git commit messages.

Committer Email: Your email address. This address is recorded in Git commit messages.

To specify the URL for a Git repository, go to File > Clone / Checkout Repository and enter the necessary information in the Clone / Checkout panel.

Subversion Account

SVN Path: Enter the file system path to the SVN executable on your computer.

Enter URL for a SVN repository from the Clone / Checkout panel. Go to File > Clone / Checkout Repository to open the panel and enter the relevant information.