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Script Based Approach

Script based execution is the simplest entry point for teams that are new to automation or maintain a linear approach to testcases. The approach is aligns to typical industry standards when structuring and maintaining tests, but still allows the user to adhere to Eggplant automation best practices.

To achieve this the suite structure is setup in the following hierarchy to ensure the code created can be reused in multiple testcases.

Rules of thumb:

  • Structure:
    Consider how you want to build up your test cases. E.g., Long test cases might involve a number of different behaviours in a single step of the test case vs. more granular single action and validation for each test case step
  • Organisation:
    How do you want to collate and organise your test cases? E.g., into folders based on different sections of the UI or groups of behaviours etc.
  • Modularisation:
    Do you have test cases that share certain steps? Can you use the same function parameterised for both test cases?
  • Execution:
    Will you be running via DAI or EPF? Running test configs? If so, how to organise the test configs?