Eggplant Performance Test Controller:
REST API Method Summary Table

The REST API URLs and methods for working with Eggplant Performance Test Controller are listed in the following table. Use the links in the table or the menu on the right to go to the pages for the URLs. The pages provide descriptions and examples for the URLs and methods.

Note that text shown in italics like this on this and the following pages indicates values that should be replaced with those in your environment.

Title URL HTTP Method Description
Element URLs and Methods
List Tests and Series /test_controller/api/1.0/<workspace name>/<project name> GET Gets a list of the available tests and series within the specified project.
Test Definition /test_controller/api/1.0/<workspace name>/<project name>/<test name> GET Gets the definition of a test.
Errors and Warnings URLs and Methods

/test_controller/api/1.0/<workspace name>/<project name>/<test name>/errors

GET Gets a list of all the errors that have occurred during the test.
Error Counts

/test_controller/api/1.0/<workspace name>/<project name>/<test name>/error_counts

GET Gets the cumulative error count over time.
Error Rates

/test_controller/api/1.0/<workspace name>/<project name>/<test name>/error_rates

GET Gets the error rate over time.

/test_controller/api/1.0/<workspace name>/<project name>/<test name>/warnings

GET Gets a list of all the warnings that have occurred during the test.
Warning Counts

/test_controller/api/1.0/<workspace name>/<project name>/<test name>/warning_counts

GET Gets the cumulative warning count over time.
Warning Rates

/test_controller/api/1.0/<workspace name>/<project name>/<test name>/warning_rates

GET Gets the warning rate over time.
Metrics URLs and Methods
Custom Metrics

/test_controller/api/1.0/<workspace name>/<project name>/<test name>/custom_metrics

GET Gets a list of the custom metrics that have been created for this test run.
Metric Averages

/test_controller/api/1.0/<workspace name>/<project name>/<test name>/metrics/averages

GET Gets the average value over time of a set of metrics.
Metric Counts

/test_controller/api/1.0/<workspace name>/<project name>/<test name>/metrics/counts

GET Gets the cumulative count over time of a set of metrics.
Metric Rate

/test_controller/api/1.0/<workspace name>/<project name>/<test name>/metrics/rates

GET Gets the rate over time of a set of metrics.
Metrics Concurrency /test_controller/api/1.0/<workspace name>/<project name>/<test name>/metrics/concurrency GET Gets the counts of concurrent metrics for multiple running VUs over time.
Metric Total Rates /test_controller/api/1.0/<workspace name>/<project name>/<test name>/metrics/total_rates GET Gets the total rates over time of a set of metrics.
Metric Totals /test_controller/api/1.0/<workspace name>/<project name>/<test name>/metrics/totals GET Gets the total passed and failed counts over time of a set of metrics.
Test Run URLs and Methods
Abort Test Run

/test_controller/api/1.0/<workspace name>/<project name>/<test name>/abort

POST Terminates all engine processes immediately.

/test_controller/api/1.0/<workspace name>/<project name>/<test name>/alerts

GET Gets a list of all the alerts that have occurred during the test.
Available SUT Measurements

/test_controller/api/1.0/<workspace name>/<project name>/<test name>/sut_measurements

GET Gets the list of SUT measurements that are available for the current test run.
Injector Status

/test_controller/api/1.0/<workspace name>/<project name>/<test name>/injector_status

GET Gets the current status of the injectors in the test run
Start Test Run /test_controller/api/1.0/<workspace name>/<project name>/<test name>/start POST Starts a new test run.
Stop Test Immediately /test_controller/api/1.0/<workspace name>/<project name>/<test name>/stop_immediately POST Instructs all virtual users to stop tests immediately.
Stop Test Run at End of Iteration /test_controller/api/1.0/<workspace name>/<project name>/<test name>/stop_at_end_of_iteration POST Instructs all virtual users to stop at the end of the current iteration.
SUT Measurement

/test_controller/api/1.0/<workspace name>/<project name>/<test name>/sut_measurements/<SUT measurement name>

GET Gets the values of a SUT measurement over the course of the test run
Test Closedown Progress

/test_controller/api/1.0/<workspace name>/<project name>/<test name>/closedown_progress

GET Gets progress messages for the closedown of a test
Test Start Progress /test_controller/api/1.0/<workspace name>/<project name>/<test name>/startup_progress GET Gets progress messages for the startup of a test.
Test Run Status /test_controller/api/1.0/<workspace name>/<project name>/<test name>/status GET Gets the current status of the test run.
Test Status History

/test_controller/api/1.0/<workspace name>/<project name>/<test name>/status_history

GET Gets the test status over time.
Timings and Transactions URLs and Methods

/test_controller/api/1.0/<workspace name>/<project name>/<test name>/timings

GET Gets a report on the timings that have been completed.
Timing Counts

/test_controller/api/1.0/<workspace name>/<project name>/<test name>/timings/counts

GET Gets the cumulative timing counts over time.
Timing Rates

/test_controller/api/1.0/<workspace name>/<project name>/<test name>/timings/rates

GET Gets the timing rates over time.
Timing Response Times

/test_controller/api/1.0/<workspace name>/<project name>/<test name>/timings/response_times

GET Gets the timing response times over time.

/test_controller/api/1.0/<workspace name>/<project name>/<test name>/transactions

GET Gets a report on the transactions that have been completed.
Transaction Counts

/test_controller/api/1.0/<workspace name>/<project name>/<test name>/transactions/counts

GET Gets the cumulative transaction counts over time.
Transaction Rates

/test_controller/api/1.0/<workspace name>/<project name>/<test name>/transactions/rates

GET Gets the transaction rates over time.
Transaction Response Times

/test_controller/api/1.0/<workspace name>/<project name>/<test name>/transactions/response_times

GET Gets the transaction response times over time.
Version URL and Method
Version /test_controller/api/1.0/version


Gets the version number of Eggplant Performance.
Virtual Users URLs and Methods
Add Virtual Users

/test_controller/api/1.0/<workspace name>/<project name>/<test name>/add_virtual_users

POST Adds additional virtual users to the currently executing test run.
Set Pause Factor

/test_controller/api/1.0/<workspace name>/<project name>/<test name>/set_pause_factor

POST Updates the pause factor for one or more VU groups.
Stop Virtual Users At End of Iteration

/test_controller/api/1.0/<workspace name>/<project name>/<test name>/stop_virtual_users_at_end_of_iteration

POST Instructs some virtual users to stop at the end of the current iteration.
Stop Virtual Users Immediately

/test_controller/api/1.0/<workspace name>/<project name>/<test name>/stop_virtual_users_immediately

POST Instruct some virtual users to stop immediately.
Workspace URLs and Methods
Workspace Information /test_controller/api/1.0 GET Gets information about the Eggplant Performance workspace.
Project List /test_controller/api/1.0/<workspace name> GET Gets a list of the available projects within the specified workspace.


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