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Timing Eggplant Functional Transactions

If you have a long Eggplant Functional script, you might want to record transaction timings for small sections of the script. These transaction timings will be used by Eggplant Performance. You can do this by using the SenseTalk commands BeginTestCase and EndTestCase in your Eggplant Functional script:

BeginTestCase "<transaction name>"


EndTestCase "<transaction name>"

For example:

Click "image1" // perform the action *outside* of the TestCase

BeginTestCase "transaction1" // happens right after the Click event
WaitFor 15.0,"image2" // this is the only thing that should be measured
EndTestCase "transaction1"

When you execute the Eggplant Functional script, the name and timestamp of the transaction timings will be sent back to Eggplant Performance, which will parse this information and automatically create a transaction timing within the virtual user event log. The transaction will then be displayed in Analyzer/Test Controller in the usual manner.