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Select Measurement Templates

If you are creating a new monitoring target, then this page will follow the Create a monitoring target page in the Add Monitors wizard. Otherwise, the Add Monitors wizard can be launched by any of the following methods:

  • In the Workspace tree, right-click on a monitoring target item, and then click Add Monitors.

    Add Monitors context menu

  • OR in the Workspace tree, right-click a monitoring profile item, and then click Add Monitors.

    Monitoring add monitors to profile popup

  • OR in the Monitoring Profile view, under Measurements, click Add from template.

The Select Measurement Templates page of the Add Monitors wizard appears:

Select Measurement Templates wizard

On this page you can select one or more measurement templates. Each measurement template contains a number of measurements that are useful for monitoring a particular type of system. These provide a good starting point - more measurements can be added later if needed as described in Adding extra measurements.

The list of measurement templates is filtered based on:

  • The operating system of the monitoring target (e.g., you can't choose the Microsoft .NET measurement template for a monitoring target that runs Linux).
  • The selected monitoring profile, if you launched the Add Monitors wizard from a monitoring profile item in the Workspace tree or a Monitoring Profile view (e.g., you can't add the Microsoft Windows measurement template to a JMX monitoring profile, even if the monitoring target runs Windows).