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The Generate Script from Recording Wizard

This wizard guides you through the process of creating a virtual user (VU) script from a recording in Eggplant Performance Studio. The goal is to create a script that a virtual user can run during a test, in order to automatically perform the same or similar actions to those which were recorded.

  1. Open Eggplant Performance Studio and display the Project tree.

  2. In the Project tree, right-click on a recording item, then click Generate script(s), or with a srecording selected in the Project tree and opened in the Viewer pane, click the Generate script(s) button on the recording view. The Generate Script from Recording wizard opens. The panel you see depends on what type of recording you are generating the script from and whether or not multiple script languages are available for it.

    • If multiple languages are available, the Choose a language panel opens.
    • If multiple languages are not available, the Choose a Custom Virtual User Type panel opens.
  3. Continue to the appropriate panel discussion for your wizard: Choose a language page or Choose a Custom Virtual User Type panel.


As you progress through the Generate Script from Recording wizard, click the View Recording button to view the recording in the Web Log Viewer while you are using the wizard.