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Eggplant Functional Preferences

You customize the way you want Eggplant Functional to work in your test environment. Preferences can be set for things like connections to systems under test (SUTs), image searches, and usability testing.

Displaying and Sharing Preferences and Settings

You display Eggplant Functional preferences and settings as follows:

  • Settings Tab: Opening the Eggplant Functional Suite window, then click the Settings button at the bottom of the window. The Settings tab contains settings for the open Eggplant Functional suite.
  • Preferences Dialog Box: Go to Eggplant > Preferences from any of the Eggplant Functional application windows. The Preferences dialog box opens with the General Preferences in focus.

The Preferences dialog box contains tabs for each of the preferences below. The Script and Run tabs each provide a second level of tabs for more options.

You can share user preferences among Eggplant Functional applications. To export user preferences from one Eggplant Functional application and import those user preferences into other Eggplant Functional applications, use the following menu items:

  • Eggplant > Export Preferences: Exports user preferences from an Eggplant Functional application.
  • Eggplant > Import Preferences: Imports user preferences to an Eggplant Functional application.

Types of Preferences

Below is a list of the different types of preferences you can set in the Eggplant Functional Preferences dialog box. Review the brief descriptions, then click the links to view detailed information about each type:

General Preferences: These settings include Eggplant Functional application start-up and connection list behavior.

Viewer Preferences: These settings control the way you can interact with SUTs through the Viewer Window.

Connection Preferences: These settings apply to VNC connections and communication.

Script Preferences: These settings provide controls to make it easier for you to read and write scripts.

Run Preferences: These settings are the default values for frequently-used run options.

Text Preferences: These settings define the text platforms that are available for use in text property lists.


Each text platform includes a Text Engine, and any number of predefined text styles.

Account Preferences: These settings determine the default mail server that Eggplant Functional uses for the SendMail command. You can also enable and disable access to Git and Subversion repositories for source control management from this panel.

Cloud Preferences: These settings are for use when connecting to SUTs in Eggplant Automation Cloud, Eggplant's SUT device reservation application.

Usability Preferences: These settings apply to tests for usability, including image load time, click feedback, and checks for user-defined forbidden images.

Checker Preferences: These settings define the behavior of the Script Checker, from the types of warnings it throws to the types of information it checks for.