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epgw add ios command


epgw add ios - Add a new iOS connection


--nameThe connection name
--udidThe UDID of the iOS device. You can omit this parameter if exactly one iOS device is connected to your computer.
--provisioningProfileThe path to the provisioning profile to use when installing WebDriverAgent.
--developerCertificateThe path to the developer certificate to use to resign WebDriverAgent.
--developerCertificatePasswordThe password to use to retrieve the private key of the developer certificate.
--developerDiskLocationThe path to the directory which stores the Developer Disks images. Alternatively you can specify the root url of a repository containing the developer disks.
--oemLicenseThe path to an OEM license for the Eggplant Gateway for iOS (for OEM partners only)
--screenQualityThe image quality used when capturing the screen of your iOS device. Must be a value between 1 and 100, where 1 is the lowest quality and 100 is the highest quality.
--restartSpringboardRestarts the SpringBoard application on your iOS device. This helps ensure the device is in a consistent state when starting a test.
--iOSDriverVersionThe iOS driver version.