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epgw command


epgw - Keysight Eggplant Gateways


--settingsThe path to the directory which contains the Gateway settings.
--settingStoreThe settings store type to use.
--logThe path to log directory.
--verboseEnable verbose logging
--logLevelDefines the minimum level to log.
--helpShow help and usage information
--versionShow version information


epgw addAdd a new Eggplant Gateway connection
epgw listList all Eggplant Gateway connnections
epgw connectEstablish an Eggplant Gateway connection and connect to Eggplant Functional
epgw vncEstablish an Eggplant Gateway connection and launch a VNC server
epgw testTests an Eggplant Gateway connection.
epgw runscriptRuns an Eggplant Functional script.
epgw deleteDelete an Eggplant Gateway connection.
epgw setupSetup Eggplant Gateway environment.
epgw iosLibrary of iOS device commands.
epgw serviceLaunches the Eggplant Gateway Service
epgw hostIdDisplay the host identifier.
epgw sauce-storageLibrary of sauceLabs storage commands.