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Installing the Eggplant Performance Applications

The Eggplant Performance solution consists of a suite of applications. See Eggplant Performance Components for short descriptions of the main applications. The machine where you install the Eggplant Performance Studio and Test Controller (and optionally Analyzer) applications becomes the Controller machine in your performance test environment.

Here's a summary of the applications and how they are packaged for installation:

  • Eggplant Performance: This installer includes the Studio, Test Controller, and injector software, and is only available for Windows operating systems.

    Run this installation program on the machine where you plan to develop your virtual user (VU) scripts, configure test data, and define tests. This machine will be your test Controller. See Eggplant Performance Installation and Licensing for installation instructions.

  • Eggplant Performance Analyzer: This installer contains the Analyzer application, and is also only available for Windows operating systems.

    Either install Analyzer on your Controller machine with the other applications, or a separate Windows machine. See Installing Eggplant Performance Analyzer for installation instructions.

  • Eggplant Performance Injector (for Windows, OS X, and Linux): There are separate installation programs for each operating system so that you can install injectors on machines that are remote from the Controller.

    See Injector Installation for installation instructions.

  • Eggplant Performance OCR (for use with the Citrix VU): This is a separate installation program for the optical character recognition (OCR) component. It is an optional component that is for use with C# Citrix VUs and is available on Windows only.

    If you want to use OCR, install it with an injector on the Controller machine or on a separate Windows machine. OCR is provided as a separate install because it requires 1 GB of disk space. Only install it if you intend to use it.

    See Setting Up Eggplant Performance Injectors on Windows for installation instructions.