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Managing JMeter Test Plans

JMeter is an open source application that can be used to load test functional behavior and measure performance. If you are currently using the JMeter application, or are planning to use it in the future, you can integrate your JMeter test plans with Eggplant Performance. Then you can use the Eggplant Performance Test Controller and Analyzer tools to view the results.

To configure the JMeter test plan location, then import your JMeter test plans, do the following:

  1. From Eggplant Performance Studio, open Tools > Preferences to access Eggplant Performance Preferences. Configure the path to your JMeter application as explained in JMeter.

  2. From the Workspace tree, right-click JMeter Test Plans, then select Import JMeter test plan... from the context menu.

  3. Select the JMeter test plan you want to import, then click OK. You can find JMeter test plans in the JMeter Test Plans folder located in the Workspace tree.


    Any JMeter test plan you import into Eggplant Performance during this step copies the JMeter file to a location inside the JMeter test plans folder. This approach makes it easier for you to share your test plans, as you can export your workspace so other Eggplant Performance users can import it.


    If you use JMeter to make changes to your test plan files outside of Eggplant Performance, you must re-import these files into Eggplant Performance to obtain these changes. Alternately, you can use JMeter to modify the copies of the test plan files within the Eggplant Performance workspace.

After importing a JMeter test plan, you can right-click that JMeter test plan, then use the context menu to do any of the following:

  • Create Test: Select this option, then click OK to create a test. Look for the created test in the Project tree in the Tests folder.
  • Open test plan in JMeter: Select this option if you want to open the selected test plan with the JMeter application.
  • Remove JMeter test plan: Select this option if you want to completely remove the selected test plan from Eggplant Performance Studio.

If you select any of the available JMeter test plans shown in the JMeter Test Plans folder, the Viewer pane displays information about the selected JMeter test. This information updates automatically if you import a new version of the selected JMeter test plan, or if you use JMeter to edit the copy of the test plan in the Eggplant Performance Workspace.

To run a JMeter test, right-click the test from the Test folder in the Project tree, then select Open test in Test Controller from the context menu. When you run a JMeter test, it transfers all of the files necessary for running the test. It also installs the JMeter application on all of the injectors for you, so you won't have to complete any additional JMeter installations.