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Managing Data

There are two data structures managed by the shared data server:

Saving Data

All data stored in the shared data server can be exported to a file. The data is stored in Python pickle format.

To save data select File > Save Data or File > Save Data As.

To save the shared lists data to a .csv file, select File > Save Data or File > Export shared lists to CSV

The shared lists keys are written to the first row in the .csv file with the values written beneath.

Loading Saved Data

Data previously saved can be loaded back into the shared data server. All current data within the shared data server is cleared and then loaded with data from the Python pickle file or .csv file.

To load previously saved data select File > Open.

To load data from one or more .csv files, select File > Import CSV file to shared lists.

Each column in the .csv file creates a shared list with the entry the column being the shared list key.