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Managing Shared Variables

A shared variable is a value associated with a key. Shared variables are simpler than shared lists. For example, the following table describes two shared variables: CustomersCreated and LastOrderPlaced:


Shared Variable Actions

When the Shared Variables tab is open, there are a variety of actions that can be performed using the buttons on the right. Most of the actions require a shared variable to be selected in the Key/Values table.

  • View: displays the Name (key), contents of the variable, and number of characters in a separate window. From this window, it is possible to copy the key or value to the clipboard.
  • Set Variable: displays the Set Variable dialog, which can change the value associated with the selected key.
  • New: displays the New Variable dialog, which creates a new shared variable using the specified Key and Value.
  • Remove: removes the selected key and value from the Key/Values table.