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Licensing Eggplant Functional for Use with Virtual Users

To provide multiple concurrent real UI interactions, you can run performance tests using Eggplant Functional virtual users (VUs). Each Eggplant Functional VU uses an instance of Eggplant Functional (running in Drive mode) to communicate with the system under test (SUT). The Eggplant Performance injector automatically starts an instance of Eggplant Functional for each virtual user.

To run Eggplant Functional virtual users (VUs), your injector machine(s) must have Eggplant Functional installed and licensed using an appropriate Eggplant Functional (Drive-enabled) license.


Eggplant Functional licenses are obtained separately to Eggplant Performance licenses, and are either:

  • Node Locked Expiring
  • Floating Expiring.

See Using Eggplant Functional Floating Licenses with Eggplant Performance for more information about use floating licenses.

Eggplant Performance includes a tool to make it easy to license multiple copies of Eggplant Functional on your injector machines. Run this tool once for each injector machine on which there is an unlicensed copy of Eggplant Functional installed, as explained below. After Eggplant Functional has been licensed, the injector can run Eggplant Functional VUs during tests.

Applying Eggplant Functional Node Locked Expiring Licenses through Eggplant Performance


  • Eggplant Performance injector software is running on the injectors that you would like to license
  • Eggplant Functional is not running on those injectors.

To apply node locked licenses:

  1. On the Test Controller, go to Help > Apply Eggplant Functional licenses. The Apply Eggplant Functional Licenses dialog box opens.

    Eggplant Functional licenses panel in Eggplant Performance

  2. In the Username box, enter the Eggplant Functional username.

  3. In the License key box, enter the Eggplant Functional license key.

  4. Select the injectors to which you would like the license to be applied.

  5. Click OK.

Using Eggplant Functional Floating Expiring Licenses with Eggplant Performance

If you are using Floating Expiring licenses with Eggplant Functional, the injector must tell Eggdrive the location of the license server running RLM (Reprise License Manager). In this case, you need to configure the location of the floating license server in the injector family properties as follows:

  1. In the Workspace tree of Eggplant Performance Studio, select the injector family that you want to use. Information about the selected injector family is displayed in the main window.

  2. In the right pane, select the Advanced Settings tab, and then the Eggplant Functional tab.

  3. In the Eggplant Functional License Host box, enter the hostname or IP address of the server location of the Eggplant Functional floating license server.

    Enter Eggplant Functional license host details