Using Eggplant Manager

Creating tests, setting schedules, and reviewing results are tasks you are likely to perform regularly in Eggplant Manager. However, the specific tasks you can do are controlled by your user role, which is set by an administrator. Therefore, not all tasks described in the user guide are accessible by all users. See the "User Roles" section of Creating User Accounts for information about user access levels.

Before users can take advantage of Eggplant Manager's features, an administrator has to complete some setup tasks, such as creating the user accounts and adding systems under test (SUTs). See Eggplant Manager Administration for information about these tasks.

Non-administrator users should receive a username and initial password from your administrator as well as the website URL where you can log in to the Eggplant Manager interface. To change your password, go to Account > Account Settings while you're logged in. See Working with Account Settings in Eggplant Manager to learn about additional account settings available to all users.

Although there is no set workflow you need to follow in Eggplant Manager, most users will find the following topics useful:


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