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Citrix XenApp Server web interface

The XenApp Server usually has a web interface which hosts published applications. The connection settings for these applications are held inside an ICA file and are interpreted by the Citrix client software.

The process for accessing the ICA file are outlined below when using Internet Explorer.

  1. Clear the Temporary Internet File Cache as described below:

    1. Launch Internet Explorer (IE) and select Internet Options... from the Tools menu.

    2. Press the Delete Files button in the Temporary Internet Files section of the General Tab.

    3. Check Delete offline content and click the OK button.

    4. Dismiss the IE Internet Options dialog by clicking OK. You now have an empty temporary internet file cache.

  2. In the address bar of the browser type the name address of the presentation server host.

  3. Select the application you are interested in.

  4. The browser will download and cache the ICA file needed. Once the ICA file has been cached the client will start.

  5. To find the cached ICA file (using IE) select Internet Options... from the Tools menu.

  6. Press the Settings button in the Temporary Internet Files section of the General tab.

  7. Press the View Files... button on the Settings dialog. This will launch a Windows Explorer window containing your Temporary Internet Files.

  8. Sort the files by Type and look for Citrix ICA Client.

When you have located the ICA file copy it to somewhere for use when you come to take the Citrix recording later on. A favorable location would be somewhere under the project hierarchy (such as the data folder, <workspace>/projects/<project>/data) as this ensures the ICA file will be included in the zip archive should the workspace be exported.

The file can then be properly referenced/imported into Eggplant Performance Studio when the time comes ready for transfer to remote load injector's fcCache/ folder (should a single localhost injector not suffice). Adding a reference to the Custom Virtual User's profile or creating a Test Level Data Binding for the ICA file is covered in detail in the Loading the ICA file section.