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Obtaining a Citrix ICA File

You can connect to a Citrix application by manually entering connection information in the Eggplant Performance Citrix recorder/viewer. Alternatively, you can use an ICA file (which usually has the .ica extension). ICA files are often associated with Citrix Workspace, so double-clicking the file will initiate the connection.

You can enter the location of an ICA file in the Citrix recorder, or you can open the ICA file in Notepad (or another text editor) and copy the connection information from there.

If possible, it's best to obtain a valid ICA file from your Citrix administrator, but you can also use one of the following alternate methods of obtaining an ICA file:

  1. Using the Citrix Quick Launch tool
  2. XenApp Server Web Interface
  3. Restricted ICA Fle Access
  4. Capturing the Citrix ICA File