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Restricted ICA File Access

Sometimes the ICA file is written to the browser cache without read (or write) permissions. If you receive any of the error messages below when trying to view or copy the ICA file, the file does not have read permissions:

  • Cannot copy file: Cannot read from source file or disk
  • The system cannot find the file specified
  • Could not open file '\Temporary\Internet\File\Path\launch.ica

The Eggplant Performance proxy web recorder can be used to make a duplicate of the ICA file. Note that the Web Network Recorder cannot be used with secured connections (i.e., HTTPS), as HTTP messages will be SSL encrypted.

  • After the recording has completed, you will need to navigate to the traces folder on the file system: <workspace>/projects/<project>/traces/<trace>/
  • Use the file explorer's search facility to locate any files under the <trace> folder with a .ica extension.
  • Copy the ICA file to the project data/ folder for when you need to start the Citrix recording.

You can also look for the ICA file within a web recording of a Citrix session. It will typically have "ica" in the URL and an HTTP header Content-Type: application/x-ica.