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Version: DAI 7.3

Live Run

Live Run allows you to run a test using a specific set of resources. The outcomes of each test result can provide useful feedback to improve your models and test cases.

To use this feature go to Designer > Live Run

Selecting Resources

Selecting a Run Type

You have the ability to choose a type of test run. The dropdown at the top left gives you a choice of script based or model based test runs.

Script Based will need to choose a suite and scripts that will form part of the test case

A Model Based selection is detailed below.


Before starting a test run you must select certain resources. A model is always required. After selecting a model either choose an Explorary option or select the Test Case option to reveal a list of test cases for that model.


A dry-run will run a test without triggering any snippets. You can also select With snippets. This selection will expose additional options.

Execution Environment

Any Execution Environment that is connected, unlocked, and in Design mode is listed as an option. You must select an execution environment to execute snippets.


A suite path is required to execute snippets. Specify the relative path of the Suite on the agent. If your model already includes a suite path then it is prefilled. You may still edit the suite path to specify an alternate value.


The following options are available under a section titled SUTs.

  • Run without SUT selection
  • Select a specific SUT by name
  • Select a SUT based on criteria


After selecting your specific resource, click Run. Any missing or invalid selections are highlighted. If all required selections are populated and valid then logs start to appear. These log messages show the tasks that occur before the test run begins. Each resource, if chosen, is verified:

  • Test case validity
  • Agent availability
  • SUT availability
  • Suite availability

The status of the run is shown.

While the status is Running, you can use the Abort* button to stop the execution. You might want to do this to free up resources for other test runs.

If the preflight is aborted or encounters an error then the full log output will be displayed. This output should describe any problems with the execution. Alternate resources can be selected before attempting a new execution. The log output will be cleared when the Run button is clicked.

If the run status is Error, a link to in-progress Test Results appears on the page next to the Run button. This allows you to stop any other in-progress test runs in order to free up execution environments for subsequent Live Runs.


If there are no issues with the selected resources then the Test Results are generated.


Some test runs are very short and finish before any playback is rendered.