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Version: DAI 7.3

Getting Started with Eggplant DAI Controller

The Eggplant DAI Controller is where you access everything related to running tests, from defining which devices to use, to choosing what to test, to reviewing progress and outcomes of individual executions. You can perform the following tasks in Eggplant DAI Controller:

  • Define what to Test: Create and manage test configurations that define how a model should be tested and against which systems under test (SUT). Test configurations allow you to combine fixed test cases with phases of exploratory testing.
  • Manage SUTs: Centrally register and manage SUTs. These are then automatically allocated as tests are triggered.
  • View insights into what happened: Detailed reporting of test results, from the level of a test configuration run, to individual executions and their associated logs.
  • Schedule test runs: Set up tests to run on a schedule or choose to run immediately. You can view what is scheduled, what is in progress, what tests have completed recently, and see the outcomes of those tests.