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System provides useful information about the status of Eggplant DAI services, logs, and connected agents.

Service Status

View the status of your Eggplant DAI services and the agents that are connected to this Eggplant DAI server.

You can view the status of the following services:

Service StatusUsed to..
DAI APIConnect to Eggplant DAI API, which is the main API of the product.
DAI SUTDefine SUTs to be used by the scheduler and configuration services.
DAI Task SchedulerRun scheduled executions.
DAI Test ConfigDefine test configurations that need to be executed.
DAI ServerSupport Eggplant DAI runs.
DAI SuitesUpload and manage suites associated with your models.
AgentsView all the connected Eggplant DAI agents that are active. Note that when the agents turn inactive, the status will change to disconnected.


Use Logs to extract server logs for sending to Eggplant Support for troubleshooting. To download your server logs, click the Download button, which then downloads a zip file of the whole directory in the Downloads folder of your browser.


Only an administrator can download logs.

Managing Licenses

Administrators can view and manage the licenses for their Eggplant DAI Server or hosted installation.

See License Administration to learn how to view and assign licenses that you have bought, and to generate license keys.

View Licenses in Use

Systems > Licenses lets you see the details of all licenses that are in use, including the expiry date.

Add a New License

To add a new license, you must first generate a license key from Keysight's license management portal. When you've received your license key by email:

  1. From Licenses, click Add.
  2. Enter the license key and read Keysight's End User License Agreement (EULA).
  3. Click Agree. If the license key is invalid, contact Support.

Delete an Existing License

You may want to remove a license from your Eggplant installation or deployment. For example, if the license has expired or you have allocated the license to another Host ID.

  1. Click Delete next to the license that you want to remove.
  2. Confirm the deletion.

Agent Tools

Agent Tools lets you download the agent installer of your choice in order to run SenseTalk snippets with Eggplant Functional. See Configure an Execution Environment to learn how to install and configure an agent.


Click View All Execution Environments to access the Environments page that displays all the configured execution environments for this server.