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Injector Family Types

There are two types of injector families in Eggplant Performance:

In Eggplant Performance Studio, each type has its own section in the Workspace tree where you can find all the injector families of that type.

Static Injectors

Static injectors are defined as physical or virtual machines running Eggplant Performance injector software that are always on the same host. That is, these injectors use a static IP address or hostname.

Public Cloud Injectors

Public cloud injectors are provisioned in a cloud environment to run Eggplant Performance injector software. These injectors are typically started only as the test begins, which means that the IP address is likely to be different each time a test is run.

Eggplant Performance supports using Microsoft Azure and Amazon EC2 for running cloud injectors. Note that both of these services require a subscription from the vendor. You will need to enter access credentials in Studio to log in to your cloud provider.

Choosing an Injector Family in the Wizard

  1. On the first page of the Create an Injector Family wizard, choose from the available options to create the type of injector family you wish to use.

    Injector family selection

  2. Click Next to proceed with the wizard.