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The Support section provides information regarding the different severity, result, and status codes we use in the Eggplant Monitoring Portal, as well as information about our IP Ranges and general assistance. To get in touch with Eggplant Support, use the Contact Us link on the Help tab.


Use the Help tab for troubleshooting tips, a glossary of terms as well as a Contact Us form.


Use Codes to understand how test results obtained from the monitoring activity are classified. The following codes are available:


To simplify the test results obtained from monitoring, each result code is mapped with one of the four severity types with appropriate color coding throughout the portal:

: Indicates a successful download with no issues.

: Typically relates to a slow download, or object level (i.e., not the main page tested) issues such as missing images.

: Indicates service problems which generally show symptoms of an issue, but may not provide any means of confirmation.

: Indicates the page requested was confirmed as unavailable when error information was returned.

Result Codes

This section provides a detailed list of all the test result codes which describe why a test passed or failed and their possible causes.

Status Codes

Object level coding descriptions which include the standard HTTP codes as well as the custom coding used to identify problems when requesting individual objects within the page or step.

Service Information

The full and up to date range of static public IP addresses that the test agent uses can be found on this tab.

IP Ranges

As well as the IP ranges of our live test servers, there are also the internal office IP addresses that the technical team might use to build and test the monitors during initial build or adjustment.