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Import a Raw Test Run into the Analysis Database

This Eggplant Performance Analyzer REST method imports a raw test run into the analysis database. You use the following URL with a POST HTTP method as described here.



HTTP Method

POST: Imports a raw test run into the analysis database.

Request Parameters

pathstringThe path of the directory containing the raw test run. (Note that this path must be accessible from the server.)
importOptionsobjectOptional import options.

Import Options

includeHttpRequestsBooleanWhether or not to include HTTP requests in the database. (Defaults to true.)
includeQueryDataBooleanWhether or not to include query data for any HTTP requests that are imported. (Defaults to false.)
allowOverlappingTransactionsBooleanWhether or not to allow overlapping transactions during the import. (Defaults to false.)
maxLoggedErrorsPerVUnumberThe maximum number of errors and warnings to record for each virtual user. (Defaults to 1000).
createSUTChartTemplatesBooleanWhether or not to create new time series chart templates for SUT measurements gathered during the test run. The chart templates will be added to the project to which the test run belongs. If SUT measurements found in the test run already exist as chart templates within the project, they will be ignored. (Defaults to true).

Response Parameters

<run number>stringThe URL of the newly imported test run.

Example Request


"path": "C:\\workspaces\\My Workspace\\projects\\My Project\\runs\\My Series\\My Test.1" ,
"importOptions": {
"includeQueryData": true

Example response

"1": "http://localhost:5000/analyzer/api/1.0/My Workspace/My Project/My Series/My Test/1"