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KPIs for an Analysis View

This Eggplant Performance Analyzer REST method returns Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for an analysis view. You use the following URL with a GET HTTP method as described here.


/analyzer/api/1.0/<workspace>/<project>/<series>/<test>/<run number>/analysis_views/<view>/kpis

HTTP Method

GET: Lists KPIs for an analysis view.

Response Parameters

kpisobjectInformation about the KPIs for this test run.

For each KPI

<KPI name>objectInformation about the KPI.

For each series in the KPI

KPI_seriesobjectInformation about the KPI series.

For each series

actualValuenumberThe actual value of the KPI in the analysis view.
expectedValuestringThe target value of the KPI.
statestringReturns the state: "Passed" or "Failed."

Example Request


Example Response

"kpis": {
"Max transaction rate should be greater than 10": {
"actualValue": 10.01,
"expectedValue": ">=10.0",
"state": "Passed"
"Total error count should be less than 100": {
"actualValue": 872.0,
"expectedValue": ">=100.0",
"state": "Failed"