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Eggplant Performance Test Controller:GET Available SUT Measurements Method

This method gets the list of system under test (SUT) measurements that are available for the current test run.



HTTP Method

GET: Gets the list of SUT measurements that are available for the current test run

Response Parameters

<string>An entry for each available SUT measurement. For each measurement, there will be a list of monitoring targets on which this measurement is available.

Example Request


Example Response

"\\Paging File(_Total)\\% Usage": ["MonTarget01", "MonTarget02"],
"\\PhysicalDisk(_Total)\\Avg. Disk sec/Read": ["MonTarget01", "MonTarget02"],
"\\PhysicalDisk(_Total)\\Disk Writes/sec": ["MonTarget01", "MonTarget02"],
"\\Processor(_Total)\\% Processor Time": ["MonTarget01", "MonTarget02"],
"\\TCPv4\\Connections Established": ["MonTarget01", "MonTarget02"],
"\\PhysicalDisk(_Total)\\Disk Reads/sec": ["MonTarget01", "MonTarget02"],
"\\System\\Processor Queue Length": ["MonTarget01", "MonTarget02"],
"\\Memory\\Pages/sec": ["MonTarget01", "MonTarget02"],
"\\Memory\\Available MBytes": ["MonTarget01", "MonTarget02"],
"\\PhysicalDisk(_Total)\\Avg. Disk Queue Length": [
"\\PhysicalDisk(_Total)\\% Disk Read Time": ["MonTarget01", "MonTarget02"],
"\\Network Interface(Broadcom NetLink [TM] Gigabit Ethernet)\\Bytes Sent/sec": [
"\\Memory\\% Committed Bytes In Use": ["MonTarget01", "MonTarget02"],
"\\Network Interface(Broadcom NetLink [TM] Gigabit Ethernet)\\Bytes Total/sec": [
"\\PhysicalDisk(_Total)\\Avg. Disk sec/Write": ["MonTarget01", "MonTarget02"],
"\\Network Interface(Broadcom NetLink [TM] Gigabit Ethernet)\\Bytes Received/sec": [
"\\PhysicalDisk(_Total)\\% Disk Write Time": ["MonTarget01", "MonTarget02"]