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Metric Concurrency

This Eggplant Performance Test Controller REST method gets the counts of concurrent open and closed metrics over time. Note that you must specify an open metric name and a closed metric name in the query data.


This method only provides useful information when running multiple VUs in the test.



HTTP Method

GET: Get the count of concurrent metrics for multiple running VUs over time.

URL Query Parameters

open_metricThe name of a custom (open) metric.
close_metricThe name of a custom (closed) metric.
after_timeA time, expressed in milliseconds since Jan 1st 1970. Only transactions that completed after this time are considered.
bucket_sizeA time interval, expressed in seconds. Returned data is resampled to this interval.

Response Parameters

<timestamp>A timestamp object with a <collection> object. The <collection> object contains a list of one or more <metric_name> objects. Each <metric_name> object contains the concurrent count (<float>) of the metric at that time.

Example Request


Example Response

"2022-01-28T10:44:36.808Z": {
"DoTheTimings": 3.0,
"Action1_SearchForStuff": 5.0
"2022-01-28T10:44:46.815Z": {
"DoTheTimings": 7.0,
"Action1_SearchForStuff": 8.0
"2022-01-28T10:44:56.834Z": {
"DoTheTimings": 12.0,
"Action1_SearchForStuff": 11.0
"2022-01-28T10:45:06.842Z": {
"DoTheTimings": null,
"Action1_SearchForStuff": null
"2022-01-28T10:45:16.862Z": {
"DoTheTimings": 14.0,
"Action1_SearchForStuff": 12.0