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Workspace Information

This Eggplant Performance Test Controller REST method gets a list of the available workspaces, plus the name of any running tests.



HTTP Method

GET: Gets information about the workspace and any running tests.

Response Parameters

currentTestObjectThe workspace, project, test, runNumber and series of the currently running test, or null if no test is running.
workspacesObjectThe name and REST URL of all the available workspaces.

Example Request


Example Response

"currentTest": {
"project": "FakeProcessJava",
"test": "FakeProcessTest",
"runNumber": 40,
"workspace": "FakeProcess",
"series": "FakeProcessSeries"
"workspaces": {
"Demo Workspace": "/test_controller/api/1.0/Demo%20Workspace",
"generator": "/test_controller/api/1.0/generator",
"FakeProcess": "/test_controller/api/1.0/FakeProcess"