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Error Rates

This Eggplant Performance Test Controller REST method gets the error rate over time.



HTTP Method

GET: Gets the error rate over time

URL Query Parameters

after_timeA time, expressed in milliseconds since Jan. 1 1970. Only transactions that completed after this time will be considered.
bucket_sizeA time interval, expressed in seconds. Returned data will be resampled to this interval.

Response Parameters

<timestamp>A timestamp object which includes an error rate (<integer>) at that time (in errors/s).

Example Request


Example Response

"2016-09-17T10:04:00.000Z": {
"rate": 0
"2016-09-17T10:04:30.000Z": {
"rate": 0.033
"2016-09-17T10:05:00.000Z": {
"rate": 0.033
"2016-09-17T10:05:30.000Z": {
"rate": 0.033
"2016-09-17T10:06:00.000Z": {
"rate": 0.033